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Wake Schepman Worlds First 1620 on Rollerblades

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13 responses to “WAKE SCHEPMAN

  1. Wake, I didn’t get the chance to tell you in person over the weekend but your skating this year showed A LOT of maturity that you don’t always see in someone your age. I have been watching your skating closes for years now and you have progressed into an absolute amazing skater. Keep doing what you are doing and most of all keep having as much fun as you are. Last thing though, I NEED SOME STREET CLIPS. Come back to Detroit this summer and we will show you some great spots. Delta City Open 3 is on May 25th, come out and have a good time. Last year prize was $1000 cash and there are rumors that will be doubled this year. Check the edits from the last two years. http://vimeo.com/24095397 http://vimeo.com/42570407

  2. You’re a great skater dude I wish I could be as good as you man. You’re probably my favorite skater! 🙂

  3. Hi WAKE;

    You looked great and I am so proud of how well you have progressed over all these year. Love You. Grandma

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