My name is Wake Schepman and I am a Professional Rollerblader and Model.  I began skating when I was 5 years old and made a goal at that young age to be one of the best rollerbladers in the world.  I work everyday towards achieving that goal and am currently ranked in the top 50 rollerbladers in the World Rolling Series.  I am very thankful to my sponsors who recognized my skills when I was only 9 years young and have always encouraged, supported, and taught me so much – Denial Clothing. I am also very thankful to Camp Woodward where I went to summer camp when I was 7 years old with the assistance of a Camp Woodward Scholarship. I have continued to learn from so many great skaters there and the use of their exceptional facilities.

I also began modeling when I was 11 and have done work for companies such as Crayola, Boscov’s Department Store, and Burlington Coat Factory. I enjoy many sports and when not skating , I play basketball, snowboard and enjoy hanging out with friends and my family.  I am active in my church and I am an Eagle Scout.

I had the amazing opportunity to start performing in shows in 2012 with Enemy Opposition, which is an exhibition of BMX, Skateboarding, and Rollerbladers that give an unbelievable show and emphasize the importance of living a clean, healthy life that is centered on Jesus Christ. I have also performed with the Dialed Action Sports team and All Wheel Sports for the 2013, 2014, 2015 summer seasons. I have now done 4 tours with the Nitro Circus crew and will be touring the rest of the world with them in 2016. Make sure to come check me and the rest of the Nitro crew in a city nearest you.


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  1. Hey Wake, it’s so awesome to learn that you are a Follower of Christ!!! I’ve always loved your skating style and it’s been amazing to watch you grow up (from videos lol) and progress your skating everyday…and now to learn you love Jesus…my respect for you and your parents just exploded!!! Keep up the good work, Wake!!

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